Facials and Peels

Facials and Peels

From powerful medical-grade treatments to indulgent spa experiences that will make you sparkle, we have a facial for you.

Portrait Of Beautiful Girl Caressing Facial Skin used to demonstrate the facial and peel options at Wellness Jar Med Spa

ZO® 3-Step Peel™

This medical-grade chemical peel re-surfaces and re-textures your skin while targeting wrinkles, lines, freckles, dark patches and brown spots (hyperpigmentation) and more. It’s a powerful 3-step treatment that replaces aging and dead skin cells with newer, regenerated cells to leave skin flawless—smoother, brighter, more even-toned and firmer. Given the medical-grade potency of this solution, a pre-treatment consultation is required, and 7 to 10 days should be allowed for skin recovery.


This treatment leverages a sterile surgical scalpel to carefully scrape along your skin’s surface to remove dirt, dead skin, impurities, and hair while stimulating collagen production. Promotes immediate radiance, deeper penetration of skincare products and flawless make-up application. Combine with a ZO 3 Step Peel or HydraFacial® for more dramatic results.

Lunchtime Peel

This revolutionary, no-downtime ZO® Skin Health Ossential Stimulator Peel exfoliates your skin and stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen. You will see an improvement in overall skin tone, texture, and clarity – and it’s gentle enough that it can be performed weekly.

Spa Facials

Our expert aestheticians will start with a full skin analysis and customize each facial to your unique goals and skin concerns. Whether you are looking to exfoliate and hydrate, treat acne conditions or address common aging concerns – we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exfoliation (peeling) typically starts 2 to 3 days after the treatment and ends in roughly day 5. Redness, stinging, itching, mild swelling, flaking, and peeling are normal side effect. Your skin may also have a yellow tint after treatment, this is normal and will absorb into the skin. It is important to follow all post-care instructions for optimal safety and maximum results.

By removing the layer of built-up of dead skin cells, a chemical peel will be able to penetrate deeper in the dermis making it more effective. Similarly, the HydraFacial will have a deeper exfoliation and the topical serums will penetrate deeper also making it a more effective treatment. Ultimately, combing means better results.

No. Peach fuzz is the fine translucent hair that you can see if you look closely at a woman’s face. This type of hair, also called vellus hair, is very different from the coarser hair you see on the head and under the arms. Because vellus hair is so fine, it is not possible that it will grow back thicker.

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