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The ties that bind: Sisters open North Palm medical spa

November 19, 2019

Ellen Bauer and Teresa Raich recently opened Wellness Jar Medical Spa in North Palm Beach.

NORTH PALM BEACH — While their business family isn’t nearly as big as their biological one, sisters Ellen Bauer and Teresa Raich treat their colleagues at Wellness Jar Medical Spa the same as they would a sibling or cousin.

And there are plenty of them.

Bauer, a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, and Raich, who lives in Jupiter, belong to a large extended family that includes four other siblings and 62 first cousins.

Family gatherings in their native West Palm Beach were frequent, and usually included patriarch Vincent O’Hara, a father of 10 who owned and operated World War II-era nightclub O’Hara’s in Palm Beach.he medical director of Wellness Jar Medical Spa in North Palm Beach, Florida.