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Pouring collagen in your coffee? Doctor warns it’s just marketing.

February 4, 2020

“I do think it’s working,” said Liz Gospel, who swears by collagen.

“I put it in my morning caffeine beverage. It just dissolves in there. I can’t taste it. At night, I’ll make a bedtime tea,” said Gospel.

She started taking it for joint health and noticed other benefits.

“After month two, I really noticed my nails are strong, they were growing really fast and my hair is really strong and healthy,” said Gospel.

Dr. Bonnie Gasquet isn’t convinced.

“They take the product thinking that ‘OK, I’m going to get collagen back.’ It’s like taking hair because I want new hair. It’s not how it works,” she said. “The collagen protein is likely not doing you much at all.”