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COVID-19 survivor is now a plasma donor

May 13, 2020


On Wednesday morning, OneBlood hosted a blood drive. COVID-19 survivor said he’s now giving back in hopes others follow.

“That Friday night was the scary moment, when I woke up in the morning and was just gasping for air. And that was when the realization was wow, I kind of made peace with my maker and thought that was really going to be it,” said Mick Mangus who described the moment he was hospitalized after testing positive for the virus.

Mangus was the first Covid-19 patient admitted to Jupiter Medical Center in March. Once he recovered and tested negative he became a plasma donor.

“Plasma seemed to be that ray of sunshine and it still is. Fortunately, enough, I was able to donate plasma, I was eligible. One donation of plasma can help up to three people. so if you sit there for a half hour or 45 minutes, you can save three lives. It was a no-brainer,” Mangus said.

Mangus said he plans to donate again on Friday.