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6 Surprising Sources of Stubborn Fat

March 10, 2020

Many people have issues getting rid of excess fat deposits that accumulate on different parts of their bodies. Most of us know when we eat too much or slack off from our exercise routines. But sometimes, the root cause of those bulges and stubborn fat might just surprise you. Today, we share some culprits that may be surprising but are actually common.

#1: Lack of Sleep

When you don’t sleep well, your circadian rhythm gets out of whack. Sleep deprivation causes changes to the hormones in the body that control appetite. One such hormone is leptin, and when you don’t sleep enough, it causes your body to secrete a low level of leptin. Another hormone called ghrelin alternatively helps to induce hunger in the body. When you lack sleep, chances are you will probably have a tired brain that will make rash decisions. Sleep-deprived people also tend to have junk food tendencies, among other things, as they are likely to eat more at night rather than during the day. This increase in sugar and calorie intake is expected to cause the buildup of stubborn fat in the body.

#2: Stress and Cortisol Levels

Weight gain or loss is one issue that is commonly associated with elevated stress levels. When you are experiencing a high stress level, it can cause an imbalance in body hormones like cortisol, DHEA, and adrenaline. Increased stress also causes the adrenal glands of the body to produce too many hormones. When the stress level subsides, sometimes the abnormal hormone levels remain in the body, and these cause negative impacts on the body. Cortisol caused explicitly by heightened stress levels, has been linked to weight fluctuations. Irregular concentrations of cortisol in the body affects blood sugar levels and thyroid functions that could cause low metabolism and the buildup of stubborn fat in the body. Some stressors that can lead to cortisol imbalance include emotional disturbances, too little sleep, excess consumption of carbs, and complex sugar. Problems at work, delayed and poor eating habits, overworking, and inadequate exercise can cause stubborn body fats.

6 Surprising Sources of Stubborn Fat | Wellness Jar Medical Spa

#3: Estrogen and Progesterone Imbalance in Women

The body can maintain normal estrogen and progesterone levels in the body by substituting them. Most people that are overweight, especially women, have pressure on their hormone levels. This causes a surge in estrogen levels. In normal circumstances, the fat cells keep fat and get larger. This fat is what your body burns to release energy when there is a need to be active. When a woman experiences perimenopause or menopause, it causes hormonal imbalance in the body that results in stubborn fat deposits being formed. Women’s hormones affect weight regulation, and when the hormones are not in the normal levels, there will be resistance to weight loss. The imbalance causes irregular metabolism, food addictions, and mood swings that can lead to binge eating. All these factors cause unusual weight gain, accumulation of stubborn fat, and an inability to lose weight.

#4: Low Testosterone and High Estrogen in Men

One of the most surprising reasons why men cannot lose weight despite working out so much is low testosterone levels. Testosterone is responsible for many functions in a man’s body including building muscle, facial hair, deep voices, and other male physical characteristics. Research has also shown that weight control is a function of testosterone. Therefore, when there is a low level of the hormone in men, metabolism is affected. And, this leads to a higher percentage of stubborn fat to build up in such people. Low testosterone levels may also be a side effect of conditions like prostate cancer treatment. This low level of testosterone then leads to body fat to accumulate mostly in the midsection. Thus, leading to expanding waistlines in men. There is also a risk of obesity and abnormal weight gain and a resistance to weight loss via exercise and other means.

#5: Lack of Magnesium

Magnesium is a nutrient that improves insulin activity and increases our actual use of glucose uptake. In addition, it serves as a needed cofactor in breaking down glucose to make energy (use of ATP), it improves muscle contraction. This leads to increased fat burning and improving sleep by helping to clear cortisol (which if left unregulated, leads to fat accumulation in their own way).

#6: Lack of Good Proteins

Lean muscle mass helps burn fat. To maintain lean muscle mass, you need a 40-50% ratio of your food intake to be protein-rich. The calories that you take in the form of protein are not all “counted”. Breaking down proteins actually causes the body to do work … spending calories to take in calories, making muscle, burning FAT, in addition to the proteins helping to decrease the hormones that make you think you are hungry (ghrelin, GLP1, cholecystokinin). These are all bonuses when having a tasty lean protein-rich diet. Weight loss doesn’t always mean just fat loss – so do your part to maintain your muscle component!

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